Iván Argote


18 September – 21 November 2021

extended until 28 November 2021

The exhibition by Iván Argote (*1983 in Bogotá) is spinning around the fictional verb ‘chaflear’. It lends its name to Plaza del Chafleo, Argote’s film about a fictional square that enables people to determine the meaning of this word through their actions. To chaffle can mean to sunbathe, kiss or protest, rave, stroll around, dig or balance: The verb interrogates our symbolic and physical use of public space and the possibilities it offers for encounter and collective action. With videos, drawings, a large-scale concrete floor piece and a poster campaign, the Colombian artist questions our relationship to the 'other' on an intimate or ontological scale, as well as on a global, historical and geopolitical level. For him, humor and affects are subversive tools for criticizing political and social circumstances in a globalized world. His works create places of dialogue.

The exhibition at Dortmunder Kunstverein is the artist's first institutional solo-exhibition in Germany. He lives and works in Paris.



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