Mimosa Echard and Michel Blazy

LUCA - Last Universal Common Ancestor

16 March – 26 May 2019

The two French artists Michel Blazy (* 1966 in Monaco, lives in Paris) and Mimosa Echard (* 1986 in Alès, lives in Paris) share a strong interest in the organic. For Blazy, it is closely related to nature and its power of growth, for Echard it is linked to the human body. For example, in a work by Blazy, a relief-like pattern of colourful mildew grows out of a wall painted with tomato paste, while Echard’s sculptures and paintings associate materials such as wax, plants, technical objects, ready-mades and images and combines them with fabric, epoxy resin or other sticky liquids.

In the theoretical approach of both artists, connected to New Materialism, the political is highlighted in the nature and application of the materials they use: not only do people influence the world of things, but things equally influence people, their social interaction and identity. For this jointly conceived exhibition, the artists develop a site-specific installation where nature grows from the inanimate, the organic meets with the artificial and the fluid exchange between matter and its environment is revealed.


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