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26 May – 22 July 2018

The sculptures of New York-based artist Elaine Cameron-Weir (*1985 in Alberta, Canada) combine natural materials like minerals, incense and shells with handmade elements and industrial objects. Light blue glowing neon lights, metallic tables, mirrors and utensils from the medical and science industry as well as chainmail protective shirts and tanned leather interact to evoke a laboratory or chamber for secret experiments.in interaction a laboratory for experiments. Accompanied by symbols such as the parachute or the snake, which stands for regeneration and renewal through its ability to shed its skin, Cameron-Weir fuses organic with technoid, industrial and inanimate materials.Like a futuristic alchemist, she produces images that make us think about technological developments and the possibly approaching state of the posthuman.

For her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, the Canadian artist develops a series of new sculptural works. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication, sponsored by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation as part of its ‘Catalogues for Young Artists’ grant and by the Innogy Foundation for Energy and Society.


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