Aiko Tezuka

Thin Membrane, Pictures Come Down

13 September to 9 November 2014

«When I am in the museums, I feel ghosts speaking to me. They are the ghosts behind the fabric: royalty and rulers, workshop managers, designers, thread dyers and weavers. They speak of hierarchies and processes, of wealth and strict working conditions. In these times, rulers aimed to display their power with the best techniques and the newest patterns.» Aiko Tezuka

The textile objects and installations by Aiko Tezuka deal with the history of textiles and discuss it up until today. Thus she buys old fabrics, often in flea markets, but also clothing at huge chains of retail stores and takes them to pieces. In newer works Tezuka weaves traditional ornaments with everday symbols and shows by dissection of individual fabric components the quality, tradition, history and the system behind far too familar seeming objects.

Aiko Tezuka was born in 1976 in Tokyo, studied painting in Kyoto and taught in Kyoto and Okayama until 2009. After that she went to London, moved to Berlin in 2011 and received a scholarship for the international studio programme of the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin in 2012. Aiko Tezuka currently lives and works in Berlin.

Curated by Linda Schröer


Friendly supported by

Kunststiftung NRW alt          

in cooperation with Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellschaft in der Auslandsgesellschaft NRW e.V.

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