Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt

24. Mai – 20. Juli 2014

Characteristic of Özlem Günyol’s & Mustafa Kunt’s working method is a repeated preoccupation with a range of issues that deal with cultural and social phenomena.  In performative, installative, and documentary works they draw on historical events as well as political themes to make cultural and social interconnections graspable in the form of encoded constructs. Given the artists’ own immigrant backgrounds, a large role is played by language and role models and their significance in the context of social transformations, globalization processes, and territorial conflicts.

Their works address current political events in a distinct manner, raising questions as to the value of money, the sense or nonsense of national identity, and the value of cultural affiliations. With the creation of no less than four new works and the production of a first comprehensive works catalogue, highlights the Dortmund Kunstverein as a site of cultural production. 

Özlem Günyol (*1977) and Mustafa Kunt (*1978) studied at the Hacettepe University at the Sculpture Department in Ankara and at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, where they live and work today.


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