Katrin Wegemann


22 June – 6 October 2013

In the summer of 2013, KunstVereineRuhr will merge ten exhibitions, three consecutive international artist residencies, special guests, as well as a film and music program into a constantly changing, utopian place: the BLOWIN' FREE container village. 

The Dortmunder Kunstverein participates with an exhibition of the artist Katrin Wegemann (*1982). Wegemann creates performative sculptures that oscillate between control and chance. In 2006, she coated the inside of the glass façade of the Wewerka Pavilion in Münster with 2,000 liters of windowpane paste, which peeled off over time like a shrivelled skin. In the works of recent years, chance is guided by the presence of the technical apparatus as the trigger and creator of procedures and processes. 

Katrin Wegemann realized the installation ‘HÜPFEN’ especially for the container as an exhibition space. She has a machine spew fluorescent Flummis (bouncy balls) that bounce uncontrollably through the deep-sea container, turning it into an acoustic sound body, so that the choreographed work can be physically experienced by the viewer.  

The exhibition was part of the project BLSpeichern & SchließenOWIN' FREE from the network of KunstVereineRuhr for the EMSCHERKUNST.2013.

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