Jérôme Chazeix

Le Souffle / Der Atemzug

13 January – 18 February 2012

The Berlin-based artist Jérôme Chazeix (*1976) constructs multimedia installations that form hybrids described as ‘total’ objects. The participatory part of the concept is a performance, which is realized in the installation at the Kunstverein and then presented permanently as a video.

Jérôme Chazeix's works act as stages for theatrical installations. They gain their special quality through confronting contemporary consumer worlds: by citing specific techniques and formal languages, they address the living environment, but do not subject themselves to the dictatorship of passive consumption. Instead, they celebrate a resistance through carnivalesque appropriation of the behavioral repertoire, as it is communicated worldwide through fashion, among other things. The desire to transform contemporary ‘role models’ in a musical manner mixes their genuine fascination with tongue-in-cheek banter. Thanks to the combination of different media, such as works on paper (drawings and prints), three-dimensional objects, video, sound and performance, Le souffle / der Atemzug invites the spectator to enter a specific world and atmosphere.

Designed as a total work of art, all elements come together to form an overwhelming and complex scenario, leading to an associative process and, simultaneously, a cosmos of its own.This dark and pulsating microcosm aims to reach mysterious and hypothetical sources of energy - the artist wants to confront the viewer with an intense experience.

In collaboration with a Dortmund school class (Martin Luther King School), Jérôme Chazeix will workshop costumes and props for a public parade through the Dortmund city area. In this workshop, costumes as well as musical instruments will be made and dance choreography will be rehearsed. The group of children will then parade through the city center of Dortmund and be filmed by a camera team (Elementree Medienproduktion/ Dortmund).

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