curator's tour

with Rebekka Seubert

Tuesday, 20 August 2024, 6 PM

Brice Dellsperger's moving image works are characterised by his passion for cinema, which he uses as material for manipulation, reinterpretation, recreation and subversion. His play with the artificial, with imperfections, disruptions, loops and doppelgangers undermines the conventions of cinema and upsets the established relationships of author-viewer, subject-object, desire-representation, film and editing.In his exhibition "Jalousies", the artist casts a playful glance through cinema's transverse slats and shakes up its genre and gender boundaries.

Two newly created video works, one of which has been filmed at Dortmunder Kunstverein, complement the 'Body Double' series, which the artist has been developing since 1995 and now comprises 40 short films. With this series, Dellsperger explores and subverts the media language of cinema by restaging iconic film sequences from cinema history meticulously, and mostly as low-budget films, with altered gender identities. The result are 30 years in celebrating queer cinema, camp aesthetics and an ironic look at social roles. 

Brice Dellsperger was born in Cannes in 1972 and lives in Paris. Jalousies is the artist's first comprehensive institutional solo exhibition in Germany. 

Curated by Rebekka Seubert

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