Work in Progress: WET RESISTANCE

Wednesday, 10 August, 6 PM

Work in Progress
For members & supporters of the Kunstverein with José Montealegre 

The exhibition Wet Resistance begins its narration with a dystopia: in a dried-out world dominated by moisture-repelling technology and artificial intelligence, wet resistance emerges in defence of natural, humid, human qualities, and celebrates moisture as exchange, humour and life.

A large-scale installation of tiles and metal plants by José Montealegre becomes a landscape in which the works of eight international artists are embedded. Wet Resistance contrasts the wet, mossy, growing, overgrown and irrational with the dry, clean, rational, technical and broken. The human body, with its high water content, is conceived as an organism entangled with the world in which it lives and which it constantly co-creates.

curated by José Montealegre (Künstler) and Rebekka Seubert (artistic director Dortmunder Kunstverein)


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