ARTIC Magazin No. 17: ahnen

Thursday, 17 November 2022, 7 PM

Artic Magazine No. 17
7:30 PM: Intro and lecture with Tina Dunkel and Andreas Drewer


We are looking forward to the release event of the 17th issue of Artic Magazine at the Dortmunder Kunstverein, a magazine that was founded in Bonn in 1993 by students from various disciplines and whose editorial team has now largely relocated to the Ruhr area.

ARTIC... is different. From the outside, from the inside and in general. A project on the border of magazine and multiple, a space of its own where art, philosophy and literature meet to explore their possibilities in the work on the respective keyword. At first glance, ARTIC pursues a perhaps naïve philosophical concept: take a term and try to fathom it. ARTIC does not first start from a problem, a question, but lets the questions arise from the investigation of the word. This is genuinely artistic thinking, because in art the following applies: the object or the basic motif are relative; what is important is that the present in its questionability materializes in them.

Every two years, each issue (1000 copies) brings together previously unpublished texts and images (essays, prose, graphics, photos, etc.) by well-known and lesser-known authors on a different theme. The layout specially developed for each issue, the handmade (!) cover and pages worked directly into the magazine by artists complete the concert of different disciplines.

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