Tchelet Ram

Untitled (Living Rooms #9)

Year: 2022
Material: cotton fabric, polyester filler, string, eyelet buttons
Dimensions: 185 x 155 cm
Edition: Unique
Price: 1.500 €

Paper. Porous. Stone.
A game to while away the time while
elsewhere is in natural surroundings.
A cell shelters daydreaming
the smallest living unit
of all life forms.
ta ta ta
falls the rain
here, to be collected, made into a bath
or a rite of passage.
Wrapped in a blanket that carries Some Body’s touch,
a dream of temporal sleep unfolds
and the limbs are embroidered with fragmentary splendour.
Porous. Pomp.
Rain is made of
the same substance as
dream-sweaty scattered hair
And history seeps into the ground like
Drinking under
or from
the Moon
Palpable. Tremor.
A spill of your vigour –
the pleasure
is mine.

Text: Inga Charlotte Thiele, writer and curator, Vienna

Tchelet Ram (*1982 in Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv) studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and has had her work included in various solo and group exhibitions, most recently in a duo exhibition with Naama Arad at Artport Gallery, Tel Aviv (2021); a solo exhibition at Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod (2019) and at CCA Tel Aviv (2018). Furthermore, Tchelet Ram was part of the group exhibition BLADE MEMORY II at Dortmunder Kunstverein (2022).

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