H02.0 HH01-DK / Hydra Uniform Offspring

Year: 2022
Material: latex
Dimensions: 20 x 100 cm / one size fits all
Edition: 5 + 1 AP
Price: 260 €

In its own packaging with HYDRACARE care instructions, artist statement, certificate of authenticity and serial number.

The alchemy of latex - the calm and serene viscosity of rubber transmuted into a supple membrane. The process is risky and only the experienced alchemist knows how to make the unruly textile mild to the skin. Rebis - once body and matter are reconciled, HYDRA enables perspectives of holistic living via the translucent membrane as organic interface: bend your joint and with graceful resistance the material reflects your gesture. Given the opportunity to evade resistance, it glides smoothly over your skin. HYDRA Sartorial Latex is a tactile mirror of your movement patterns - a path to self-reflection in the here and now.

text: Thomas Musehold, artist, Düsseldorf


HYDRA (agf) is a London based transmedia artist, researcher and practitioner. HYDRA Phygital regenerative rituals and future mythologies tales exist within the spectrum of bodily experiences and nurturing technology. Translucent membranes function as organic interfaces connecting the separate elements of the collective body via breathing and touch. HYDRA uniform offsprings and spatial design are featured in Zoe Williams' Liquid Currency Bar at the Dortmunder Kunstverein (2022).

HYDRA - Hydra Uniform Offspring, 2022 

HYDRA - Hydra Uniform Offspring, 2022 - Box

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