Anna Ehrenstein

Coffee Ground Imaginaries

Year: 2023
Material: porcelain
Dimensions: H 5,8 cm, Øo 6,7 cm, V 90 ml
Edition: 40 + 10 AP, 5 Versions
Price: 40 €

As a translation of her augmented reality work "Coffee Ground Imaginaries" into real space, Anna Ehrenstein designed five different demitasse cups with golden inscriptions. They prophesise not so much individual as collective wishes for the future of our life in the community.

Multimedia artist Anna Ehrenstein (*1993, lives in Berlin and Tirana) grew up between Dortmund and Tirana as the child of Albanian parents. She studied photography in Dortmund, media art in Cologne and curatorial studies in Malta and Lagos. Her works have been shown in solo exhibitions at C/O Berlin, the Landesmuseum Linz and in biennials and group exhibitions in Oslo, Beijing and Los Angeles. She currently holds a guest professorship at the UDK and TU Berlin as well as a solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Braunschweig.

Ibn arabi said all of the cosmos
is alive. A new beginning arose,
quantum theory and
algorithmic tech bros agreed
(see picture above)

I see a future where freedom
of movement is not only for
commodities and white ppl
and does not stop in the


I see a cosmology coming
where we see gender and
passports as much
as constructs as magic and
chose the latter


I see an imaginary choir of
infinite potentiality singing
truth to power and taxes
to transnational corporations


I see a cosmology coming where
commodity activism and protest
through consumption
does not make your jihad

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