Marianne Berenhaut

Bits and Pieces

Title: Marianne Berenhaut: Bits and Pieces, 2020
Year: 2020
Material: paper clips
Dimensions: variable dimension
Edition: unlimited edition
Price: 700 €

Marianne Berenhaut’s lyrical sculptures hardly received any public exposure and therefore attention. The fragility of her treated Readymades, and the fact that despite of that they manage to outlive in the world – as she did as a Holocaust survivor as well – reminds the viewer that against all odds the belief in the survival of good is worth the faith and effort. The work "Bits and Pieces" is based on a series of works that consist of a changing number of paper clips. Each one is adapted to the environment, the space and the feeling in which it is presented. Vertebra by vertebra, one joint after another, “Bits and Pieces” creates a possible image of allegedly simple sculpted wall drawing that not innocently represents the chain of events of our time.

Text: I.S. Kalter, artist, Tel Aviv


In her practice spanning six decades, Marianne Berenhaut (b. 1934 in Brussels, works in Brussels and London) creates poetic sculptures that she composes associatively from used and found objects and furniture. In 2021, MUHKA Antwerp presented a retrospective of her powerful and extensive body of work, which has long been hardly received. In 2023, an exhibition at the nearby Kunsthalle Recklinghausen will comprehensively introduce her work to the German public. In 2022, she was part of the group exhibition BLADE MEMORY II (2022). 

Marianne Berenhaut: Bits and Pieces, 2020

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