Maha Maamoun

Thursday, 11 May 2023, 7 PM

Thue, 11 May, 7 PM
SCREENING #22: Videos by Maha Maamoun
Location: Dortmunder Kunstverein  


(1) Maha Maamoun, Shooting Stars Remind Me of Eavesdroppers (2013) Video, 4’52 min, Sprache: Arabisch, Engl. UT
(2) Maha Maamoun, Domestic Tourism II (2009), Video, 60 min, Szene aus dem Film: The Nile's Bride, Directed by Fateen Abdel-Wahab, 1963, Sprache: Arabisch, Engl. UT


Dortmunder Kunstverein is happy to host a special screening evening presenting two video works by Egyptian Artist Maha Maamoun.
The first short film Shooting Stars Remind Me of Eavesdroppers (2013), shot in al-Azahr-Park, Cairo, poetically reflects on trust and truth, the act of listening, the status of the listener and the power relations between the two. The film was first presented at the Berlinale film festival in 2014.
Domestic tourism II (2009) is a film-supercut edited by the artist and based on footage from Egyptian cinema from the 1950ies to the early 2000s. The pyramid in the backdrop of each of the selected scenes is both a timeless observer and a leitmotiv, allowing to explore how iconic historical monuments can be re-appropriated and re-inscribed into complex political, social and historical narratives. Egypt had the earliest and most prolific cinema industry in the Arab World. Therefore, Domestic Tourism also gives a reading to changing socio-political contexts. The video won the Jury Prize of Sharjah Biennale in 2009.


Maha Maamoun (*1972, lives in Cairo) is a visual artist working mainly with photography and video. In her works, she explores both form and function of images in mainstream culture. Her works has been exhibited internationally in biennales and exhibitions. In Germany, her video works were presented at the Berlinale, Berlin (2014) and in a solo exhibition at Fridericianum, Kassel (2014). Maamoun is a founding board member of the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) in Cairo and co-founder of the publishing platform Kayfa-ta. She has also co-curated several exhibitions and art projects. 


* The "Kleiner Freitag" before the Big Friday creates with its wild mix entertaining and varied anticipation of the soon to begin weekend.


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