Anna Solal, Berenice Olmedo, Darling Lopez-Salinas, Hanna-Maria Hammari, James Krone, Tetsumi Kudo, José Montealegre, Julian Irlinger, Zoe Williams

14 August – 30 OCTOBER 2022

Opening: August 13, 6 PM

Wet Resistance is an experimental group exhibition set as an environment: it creates a metamorphosing circuit that dives us into a dystopian narrative of a world dried out through technology. The show focuses on the humid, the mossy, the growing, the overgrowing and the irrational that is contrasted by the dry, the clean, the rational, technical, the broken. It will reflect the potentials of the human as a plant, as a melting, dissolving, joyful wet and humorous thing, entangled with the world it created and that created them.

curated by José Montealegre (artist) and Rebekka Seubert (artistic director Dortmunder Kunstverein)



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