Friday, 5 July 2024, 8 PM

 Admission: 8.00 pm, movie start: 8.30 pm

Early classics set the tone for this evening.

This film series focuses on the queer scene and its pioneers in the social changes of the time. Award-winning short classics of queer cinema will be shown. Afterwards, you are cordially invited to stay for the subsequent film discussion with the filmmakers Nathalie Percillier and Gina Wenzel and help shape the conversation.

PROGRAM, running time: 68 minutes


Rosa von Praunheim, Germany, 1969, 18', original German version
A group of homosexual activists called the “Sisters of the Revolution” fight against the oppression of women. The parallel plots are about a married couple who want to get back together and a family that has long been divided and separated due to political conflicts. 

Monika Treut, Germany 1989, 10', original English version with German subtitles
The star Annie, a well-known porn queen, is a performance artist. She transforms from a gray mouse into a big cat with high heels and a widow's veil. With a single gesture, Annie demystifies David Cronenberg's abdominal hysteria from the film DEAD RINGERS when she inserts a speculum and allows the viewer to look inside her vagina.

Nathalie Percillier and Lily Besilly, Germany 1996, 10', original German version
It's war again between France and Germany. A German and a French soldier get lost in the forest and meet ...

Jamie Babbit, Great Britain 2001, 7', original English version
Stuck tells the story of an elderly lesbian couple traveling through the desert and on the verge of ending their unhappy relationship. 

Rosa von Praunheim, Germany 2004, 16', original German version
“The film is part of my series about gay contemporary witnesses who survived the Nazi era. I met Walter Schwarze when he was over 80 years old. In front of my camera, he spoke for the first time about his five-year imprisonment as a homosexual in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It wasn't until he was over 50 that he met his future boyfriend Ali in his hometown of Leipzig, with whom he remained close until his death. Nevertheless, he told me that he had lived in vain because he had not had the good fortune to grow up in freedom like younger gays do now. Walter Schwarze died of cancer on May 10, 1998.” (Rosa von Praunheim)

Jenni Olson, United States 2004, 7', original English version
When Harvey Milk was murdered, he left behind a tape that was to be played “in case I die in an assassination attempt”. The film reproduces an excerpt on its soundtrack. 


DER FLUR is a Dortmund-based studio and cinema collective that has been organizing short film evenings with a focus on diversity since 2023. For the Liquid Currency Bar programme, the collective is leaving its venue, the "Flur" in the Kreuzviertel district, and presenting a three-part queer film programme at the Kunstverein that gives marginalized people a voice and a space.


Organizers: Pina Mirall Wenzel (illustrator and costume designer), Gina Wenzel (director and author)


As part of the Kreativ.Quartiere Ruhr program, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science & ecce - european center for creative economy


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