Oded Avramovsky

the ax never strikes twice

Year: 2019/2022
Material: Organic cotton bag
Dimensions: 42 x 38 cm
Edition: 100 + 5 AP
Price: 30 €

Dissatisfaction with certain aspects of your job might come to head today. This contemporary demand to stay alive just won’t leave you alone. It’s good to dig deeper if that’s what you need, just make sure you're not doing that thing where you abuse violent tendencies as an excuse to stop your looping thoughts.
Your desire to succeed this month is linked with your ability to align subjective feelings with objective forms. Replacing an organ with a manufactured tool might come in handy as you try to address the problem of modernity by physically splitting the self in two.
One always quarrels with what one is. Your main challenge right now is to release and accept the mystery of the process. You already know that pictures paint themselves. As fear of death arises, make sure to notice continuity is still at work. 

Text: Naama Arad, artist, Tel Aviv

Oded Avramovsky (*1956 in Israel, lives and works in Israel) came to art later in life and works primarily with drawing. His works on paper, both humorous and eerie, have been featured in exhibitions at Gallery 4, Tel Aviv (2019); The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv (2018); and Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv (2016), among others. In addition, Avramovsky was part of the group exhibition BLADE MEMORY II (2022).

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